Pug Dog Temperament and Lifespan

Pug has a very diverse temperament - sometimes he is playful and somewhat clownish, and sometimes he finds it difficult to cheer up, although calmness is not a true feature of these dogs. They are, however, always stable, friendly and sturdy. Pugs are known for being in a good humor almost all the time. Generally, they are peaceful with everything around but can be too noisy towards unexpected visitors. New guests of yours should be prepared to be met with snorts and grunts. A Pug often behaves like a child and always wants to be with his beloved owner, however, try not to spoil your pet too much; otherwise, he will become too dependable on you. These dogs are usually amiable to other animals; they are often stubborn and can spend the whole day sleeping. The life expectancy of Pugs is between 12 and 15 years. Females live longer lives than males.

How Much Does a Pug Dog Cost and Price Range

The cost of the Pug puppy depends on a few factors including geographic location, the quality of the Pug and the source of the puppy. A show quality dog in New York costs up to $1500 from a well-known breeder. The same puppy may cost $800 in some other area. In general, depending on the popularity, availability, and quality of the puppy, it may cost from $250-$2,000.

Pug Dog Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Many people think that the Pug can only be one of two colors - fawn or black, but in reality there are other colors that can be found of the bodies of these dogs. The American Kennel Club recognizes five colors of Pugs including black, white, fawn, apricot fawn, silver fawn. You can also find exotic pure silvers, but this coloring is extremely rare and is not accepted by most dog club registries. This dog breed is known for heavy shedding (despite quite a short coat) which can be decreased by taking several steps involving the right diet, temperature regime and stress. According to the AKC breed standard, the "ideal" weight of the Pug is between 14 and 18 pounds (6.35 and 8.16 kg).

Pug Dog Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

The Pug is one of the most short-faced dog breeds with large eyes, innocent face expression, wrinkled forehead, and strange sounds. Such features are liked by many people. It is a small compact dog with a soft coat that is easy to take care of. He is usually polite with all people and even other animals. Pugs do not need much exercise; however, he can be snorting, wheezing, snuffling, and snoring which can be very irritating. Having such a dog, you will need to get used to constant shedding and brush your pet every day.

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