Boykin Spaniel Temperament and Lifespan

The Boykin Spaniel is not only a good family companion but also a perfect hunter. This is his fine nose that makes him a talented hunter. He has a great sense of smell that can lead him on an excursion full of surprises. His advantages over other dog breeds are friendly confidence and intelligence. He needs an active family because he himself requires lots of exercise. The dogs of this breed are fantastic swimmers. They like water but are prone to ear infections. This dog needs a consistent owner who can communicate with the dog. The lifespan of this dog breed is from 10 to 12 years.

How Much Does a Boykin Spaniel Cost and Price Range

The cost of a Boykin Spaniel puppy depends on where you are getting it from. You can buy it from a reputable breeder who will provide you with the necessary papers for a dog. A true responsible breeder will sell you a dog for about $900-1,500. Such a dog will never have any genetic problems which are common with dogs from back yard breeders. While a dog from a backyard breeder may cost you $100-$500 you risk spending thousands of dollars on the treatment of a dog in future. You may contact local gun dog groups and ask them whether they have any variants of a dog for you. Do not buy a dog from a pet store or online.

Boykin Spaniel Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

The Boykin Spaniel has a waterproof coat that is usually wavy or curly, but you can also meet individuals with a smooth coat. The outer coat is of medium length. The undercoat is dense which helps to keep the dog warm when bathing in water or getting in rainy weather conditions. Light feathering covers the legs, chest, ears, and belly. Common colors are brown, dark chocolate, solid liver, or liver. The Boykin has high set ears covered with wavy and long hair. He has less hair, smaller ears and a straighter muzzle than a Cocker Spaniel. He requires brushing about two times a week to avoid coat matting. This dog sheds but not too much. Males are from 15.5 to 18 inches tall; females are from 14 to 16.5 inches tall. Females weigh from 25 to 35 pounds, males weigh from 30 to 40 pounds.

Boykin Spaniel Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

The breed was created by South Carolinians as a hunting dog with good abilities to flush and retrieve, to work, and to make everyone happy with a wagging tail. Besides, this hunting dog is self-confident, alert, and smart. He gets along well with children and other dogs. The most common health issues are eye problems, hip dysplasia, ear and skin problems. The Boykin Spaniel can live in an apartment but he needs adequate exercise due to his working skills. Loyal, obedient and pleasant in his behavior, he will win your heart with his yellow/amber eyes that seem to ask, "What do I have to do next?" Most Boykin Spaniel owners report that this dog has a unique personality and is filled with incomparable enthusiasm.

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